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Home Financial Services 

Have you noticed the increase in Internet technology being used to meet day-to-day tasks? This trend has heavily influenced the services offered by most financial institutions. Competing banks and credit unions are already offering online services. As household Internet access and increased workplace usage rises, people will look to the Internet to gain instant access to all types of information.  San Juan Mountain Credit Union members have optional access to their financial information over the Internet with Home Financial Services (HFS).

Visual Account Access

San Juan Mountains Credit Union can now offer members visual access to their accounts. Using a standard web browser, members can access their credit unions services. HFS does not require special hardware or software. The only requirement is the Internet, which means that members can access San Juan Mountains Credit Union at anytime, from any location.  Why would you use HFS? SJMCU members may already access CU services from home or the office using your telephone audio system. Offering SJMCU members HFS gives you the ability to view all of their accounts at one time. Visualization of accounts is something members have only had when their account statements come at the end of the month. HFS even allows members to download account information into budgeting applications, giving them greater control of their funds. HFS offers members the following capabilities:


Members transfer funds to and from draft accounts, savings accounts, and credit lines. You can also make online loan payments.

Online Applications SJMCU gives our members the ability to apply for a loan or credit line over the Internet. Prospective members can also apply for membership by linking to the application through our website.

Web Statements

SJMCU can offer our members access to their statements over the Internet. If members lose their statements or want to check their accounts mid-month, they can visit the HFS site through the San Juan Mountains Credit Unions homepage ( and receive an instant update on their accounts. Members gain greater access to your services, making it easy to manage their finances.

Internet Security

With SJMCUs Home Financial Services, you can be assured that your money is secure. CTIs server holds account information for only those members who have signed up to use HFS. Their information is resident on a secure server at CTIs headquarters and never directly accesses your credit unions database. This guarantees that San Juan Mountains Credit Unions data cannot be manipulated by an outside source through Home Financial Services. Members are also required to access the HFS site using an encrypted web browser. You'll feel confident that as members, your financial information is safe.
How do I sign up?

Stop by San Juan Mountains Credit Union to sign up today!  We will show you how to utilize the full services of our website and the HFS product.  There are a few forms to sign and be on your way.
HFS Standard Web Links: Optional Web Links:

  • Sign Up
  • Savings/Loan Calculator
  • Online Applications
  • Draft Requests
  • e-Statements

HFS Benefits:
  • Grow your credit union without adding staff
  • Reduce staff call volume
  • Give members 24x7 visual access to their accounts anytime during the year, from any location
HFS Security Assurance:
  • CTI stores account information on only those members that have enrolled to use HFS
  • Internet browser must be encrypted for heightened security
  • Account information stored on secure server

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